abyss22 (abyss22) wrote,

Lets see how far we can go

There was a small group of people sitting behind me earlier tonight at a coffee shop here in Seattle.
They discolored my view of everything - - - I forgot myself for a while.
They were enthusiastically sharing stories of peeing on eachother or puking on eachother and other people. Two solid hours of exploitation. No detail left out.
Is this what we have reduced ourselves to?
* * * Sensation whores * * *
Puke running down your chest while urinating in someones mouth...
(Lets see how far we can go... )
Every orafice, every extremity, every bodily fluid imaginable...
No sentence comes without the purchase of a four letter word and a memory bathed in blood and cum.
(This is all I know how to live for - this makes me somebody)
It goes on and on.
Self proclaimed sex experts drive low-budget knowledge into eachothers heads - knowing they'll all end up at home, alone, masturbating later.

...And the whole time I'm wondering if this is what happens to you when you've becomed consumed by the world around you ...when pain and pleasure are the only forms of communication you can understand anymore ...when you can't remember how to try and only know how to push. Push. Push.
- - - returning to some animalistic nature perverted through time - - -
Reality TV shows.
Girls gone wild.
Shock porn.
Snuff films.
+ + + LIVE FOREVER! - - CLICK HERE! + + +
Maybe we have left ourselves disconnected from too much technology. Cell phones, video games, on-line college courses, pay per view movies, webcams and chat rooms, digital video cameras, pagers, MP3 players, 300 channels of infomercials on a widescreen HD TV.
This doesn't mean much to someone who's still stuck using a rotary phone...

I wondered if they were as cold as they claimed. If they were as expired as they wanted eachother to believe.
(I am cooler than this. I want to be anything but myself. I want to burn hot and leave nothing to be desired. I want to live faster, harder... but without leaving the saftey of my own home)
I wondered if they were looking for more than what they had, or pretending what they had was more than it was.
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